The research activities in the Research Center for Computer Science and Information Technologies are conducted within the frames of four separate Sections:

Section for Complex Systems and Networks

In the Section for Complex Systems and Networks, We conduct fundamental and applied research of dynamical systems and complex networks, from different background, in order to model various natural, social and technical systems and processes.

Section for Computational Biology

We conduct fundamental and applied research and development of computational tools, methods and models required to extend the usage of biological, medical and healthcare data, including methods for obtaining, safe-keeping , organizing, archiving and visualization of such data.

Section for Computational Linguistics

In the Section for Computational Linguistics we perform fundamental and applied research of algorithms, models and software tools for analysis of written and spoken language, primarily for the Macedonian language and its corpus, as well as other languages. The research also focuses on development of new analytical and practical tools for obtaining, safe-keeping, organizing, archiving and visualization of written and spoken data.

Section for Information and Communication Technologies

Within this Section we conduct fundamental and apply research of methods and solutions that have a potential to become innovations and new technologies